BARNSLEY Hospital wants to urge parents to recognise the signs of a serious infection that can affect children's airways.

Bronchiolitis is a viral infection that can make it it difficult for children to breathe.

It is common in winter months and usually only causes mild, cold-like symptoms.

However, the hospital wants to make parents aware of the signs and symptoms to keep children safe this winter.

Parents should phone 111 or contact their doctor if their child has:

  • Laboured or rapid breathing

  • Seems dehydrated, or has not urinated in more than 12 hours

  • Is becoming drowsy

  • Continues to have a fever of 38C or above for more than five days

Your child should be taken to the hospital immediately if any of these symptoms are present:

  • The child has blue lips

  • Has pauses in their breathing, or irregular breathing

  • Becomes pale, mottled and feels abnormally cold to the touch

  • Becomes agitated, confused, or difficult to wake