Bailiff help

If you have been dealing with debt issues since some time, then you might have received a notice, stating that a bailiff is being sent over to your place. This only happens if your debt repayment has exceeded the limit (a lot). It can be really stressful if someone takes bailiff help for their debt repayment but many times, people tend to take debt non-seriously and thus, a bailiff has to be sent.

If you are confused about who is a bailiff and how they work or what they aren’t allowed to do; then you have stopped by the right place. We will be briefly discussing, all about bailiff help.

What is a Bailiff?

If you owe money to a company, or a person, then they can send a bailiff to your place, to collect money from you, on their behalf. They will either ask you to pay the money directly or they will take over some of your possessions, which will be equal to the payment that you have to make.

Bailiff help can be sent by the organization on its own or through court. However, a bailiff is only sent in, when the organization has tried all other methods of getting the payment done.

Bailiffs are capable of collecting different types of debts, ranging from council tax, income tax, child support, business rent and parking penalties etc. If you are in England, you might have heard about bailiffs a lot, as they take their debts procedure quite seriously.

What right does the bailiff have?

Now, the most important thing to know is what a bailiff can and cannot do. Bailiff help is much more powerful than the organization that has granted the debt to you. But they still have to follow the regulations of the government authorities strictly.

The most crucial thing to know here is that a bailiff is not allowed to enter your home. They can only do so, if a notice of enforcement is served. This means that before visiting, the bailiff notice is sent at least 7 days prior to their visit. This is either done by post or by hand. However, since 2007, bailiff control has been tightened, providing a slight leverage to people and not making it extremely stressful for them.

They are not allowed to seize items directly or enter a house where only children under 16 or 16 are present. Furthermore, they cannot visit your home at odd timings.

It is important to know that a bailiff has to show their ID card when they visit you and have to state the reason for their visit too. If they wish to enter the property, they have to seek your permission. And if not granted, they cannot enter.


Bailiff help is only opted by organizations when a person has failed to pay a debt, after trying all types of methods. This is certainly a much more serious action and must be taken seriously too.

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