DOUBLE-JABBED essential workers may not need to self-isolate as a pilot-scheme has been extended across the country.

The scheme would allow workers in recognised sectors to avoid quarantine if they are contacted on the NHS app.

Around 1,200 new testing sites will be created as anyone exempt will have to provide a negative lateral flow test before they can go to work each day.

It comes after services were forced to suspend operations due to workers being forced to isolate - something dubbed as 'pingdemic'.

The sectors on the exemption list are:

  • Energy
  • Civil Nuclear

  • Digital infrastructure

  • Food production and supply

  • Veterinary medicines

  • Essential transport

  • Medicines

  • Medical devices

  • Clinical consumable supplies

  • Emergency service

  • Local government

  • Manufacturing maintenance

  • Engineers

  • Specialist reach truck drivers

  • Official vets

  • Environmental health officers

  • Landfill operators

  • Water engineers

  • Prisons

  • Waste collection

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Telecoms

  • Water

  • Defence

  • Communications

  • HMRC