AS Covid restrictions are set to lift on Monday, Barnsley Hospital has asked that visitors continue to wear masks while on the premises.

From July 19, the legal requirement that people must wear a face mask unless medically exempt will be lifted and it will be up to your own digression whether you carry on wearing a face covering or not.

However, Barnsley Hospital has released a statement urging visitors to the site to continue to wear a mask to help protect staff and other patients.

As well as protecting against coronavirus, masks can also help protect people from other illnesses such as flu, colds, and other transmittable ailments.

A spokesperson for Barnsley Hospital said: “We understand that outside things are changing. However, our colleagues are still wearing their face masks to protect you, and we ask that visitors continue to wear a mask while in hospital too.

“We have some very poorly people here so we must do all we can to prevent Covid-19 spreading. Appropriate face coverings are just one tool in our arsenal.

“Thank you for your co-operation. We are committed to ensuring everyone’s safety.”