LITTLE Billy Goodwin was born to be wild and TV’s Chris Packham has confirmed it.

The six-year-old from Wombwell fought off competition from around the country to win a competition announced by the wildlife expert and Springwatch presenter.

Billy and elder brother Rowan are both wildlife-mad and have recently released a rescued hedgehog into their back garden.

Billy’s tribute artwork to the hedgehog was then picked out by Chris and he has won a signed copy of the book, Finn’s Garden Friends by Rachel Lawston.

High View pupil Billy has followed his brother’s lead in becoming fascinated by the animal kingdom, big and small, according to his dad, Matt, 32, of Summer Lane.

He said: “Both Billy and Rowan are obsessed with nature and wildlife.

“The first thing they do when they come home from school is rush out into the garden to see what’s happening.

“Since we moved into our house last July, the boys have helped us install two ponds which has brought in frogs, two bug hotels, a hedgehog house and planted many wildflower seeds to benefit the ecosystem.

“We were so proud Billy’s work was picked out as we are all big fans of Chris Packham and Springwatch.

“Billy’s work is based on a hedgehog, aptly named Chris, that we recently released into our garden after it was rescued by the fantastic charity, Wath Hedgehog Rescue and Rehabilitation.

“On every walk to school we spot various birds and animals, and both boys love reading about them when we get home. We are always encouraging our boys to ‘look’ and not just ‘see’ when it comes to wildlife, perhaps they could both follow in Chris’s footsteps as they certainly have the passion for nature and wildlife like he does.”