RESIDENTS aged 50 or over are being urged to book an appointment for the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine with their GP by vaccination bosses.

The Barnsley CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) is booking the first doses for those aged 50 or over and adults with underlying health conditions, or those who were asked to shield.

If the vaccination service can’t fill all the appointments in this weekend’s clinic, they will drop down to the next group and can start to invite in people aged 45-49.

A spokesperson for Barnsley CCG said: “Vaccine supply is limited so these appointments will be limited. This will be by invite only.

“Please do not contact your GP if you are 45 to 49, please wait until it’s your turn and you will be contacted over the coming weeks.

“The national vaccine service has not formally started yet for under 50s - we are only able to offer appointments locally if the over 50s clinics are not full. Thank you for your patience.

“Thank you for supporting your local vaccine service and NHS.”