TODAY marks the one year anniversary since the country first entered lockdown.

It's been a different year, full of ups and downs and we here at We Are Barnsley asked our readers how life has changed during the pandemic.

Maybe you picked up a new hobby or worked on the frontline during the pandemic – we received some great responses, and here are a few:

Laura Elizabeth: “In one respect its much better, I've been lucky enough to work from home and since that, the improvement in both my mental and physical health has been incredible. I feel like the work/life balance is so much better, especially if it was to continue when things open back up. It's so much cheaper to work from home and I don't have to spend two hours extra a day commuting. It's been tough not seeing family and friends and being able to socialise, however I hope the new normal includes a focus on improving mental health, not to mention the benefit to the environment with less people commuting and leaving the roads less busy for those that do need to commute.”

Mick Whittaker: “Worked all through it so no changes really apart from delivering more stuff that people have bought on Internet so it's kept me busy.”

Michelle Taylor: “Our plan was to marry in 2020 and then move to a larger home in 2021. When it became obvious the wedding wasn’t going to happen that year we rescheduled to 2021 and decided to move first. We moved to Barnsley from Rotherham and was the best decision we made. Hopefully be married soon now.”

Abbey Elvidge: “I had my little girl on the March 23, 2020! Two-and-a-half hours after Boris announced that we were in lockdown. It has definitely been a strange start to motherhood! We are just about to start celebrating her first birthday and hoping for a better year.”

Butch DeLoria: “Lockdown has been boring. I didn't do much to start with, now I do even less, it's terrible and I can't wait till I can eventually go shopping again. Life before the pandemic was OK, suddenly all changed overnight. I do the best I can with lockdown despite it being a pain.”

Laura Lumb: “Graduated from university and started my nursing career mid pandemic. Lost father in law to cancer. Let the kids enjoy being kids lockdown one, part way through that and the fear of Covid aside they returned to school as both parents are key workers. Learnt to crochet. Battled Covid myself. Now want things to get back to some normality for all, it's tough.”

Allan Johnson: “I was made redundant due to Covid and I became a portrait artist based here in good old Barnsley.”

Daniel Berry: “For me I've found a new hobby in photography and I bought a bike during the first lockdown. Two new hobbies I wouldn't have had without Covid. The only two good things that came out of it”