AFTER finding out that some children in his school wouldn’t receive a chocolate egg this Easter, a ten-year-old boy took matters into his own hands and is collecting donations to help provide each pupil with a treat.

Hoyland Springwood’s Jack Boswell wanted to help cheer up his classmates in his most recent plan to help others.

The youngster was inspired after reading David Walliams’ book, Billionaire Boy, which follows a rich boy as he helps to give back to less fortunate classmates.

“In December he helped to get advent calendars for the children at school,” said Jack’s sister, Katy Boswell, 26.

“He found out that some children don’t have what he has and I think it’s really motivated him to try and help. Ever since he read the book, it’s really opened his eyes to helping others and we are so proud of him.”

Since Katy posted about Jack’s plan on Facebook, she has already received more than 80 eggs which will help towards the 150 total needed.

“I think it’s wonderful that he wants to help others, especially when it’s been difficult for children with homeschooling.

“I hope Jack’s efforts help to cheer up his friends at school.”