RESIDENTS must begin a new period of self-isolation if they display symptoms of Covid while already isolating, council bosses warn.

The current self-isolation period is ten days, but what do you do if you begin experiencing symptoms of coronavirus during that time?

If this happens you must begin another period of self-isolation immediately, and apply for a coronavirus test.

For example, if you were on day five of your self-isolation period when you began experiencing symptoms, you must begin another self-isolation period for another ten days. In this case you would be isolating for 15 days in total.

This rule follows even if you experience symptoms on the last day of your self-isolation period.

If you test positive for Covid-19 you can only end your self-isolation period if your symptoms are gone, or if the only symptom that remains are a cough or a loss of taste and smell.

If your symptoms persist, speak to your GP.