POLICE have warned that overnight interference with vehicles is on the rise in the Hemingfield area as officers step up their patrols.

Barnsley South police officers have received numerous reports from Hemingfield residents of people tampering or trying to gain access to vehicles.

The team hope to reassure the public that police presence will be felt.

PCSO Shaun McDermott, from the team, said: “We are currently looking to formulate a plan to deal with this in the coming evenings, and will be stepping up our presence to deter any would be criminal, and to reassure the public.

“In the meantime, please ensure that your vehicle is locked at all times, and valuable items removed.

“Also, please report any suspicious behaviour on 101 or online.

“I appreciate that this may seem frustrating and time-consuming, but we ultimately rely on detailed information from the public to determine our resource allocation.”