THE coronavirus pandemic caused two national lockdowns, saw shops and pubs close and left many people scratching their heads about what exactly the rules were.

But despite this, we saw the Barnsley community pull together like never before.

From new grandchildren to the Cannon Hall Farm livestreams throughout the lockdown, you WABbers have shared some of your highlights of 2020...

Mandy Daws: “Well done Abbey Khan and his amazing team for making the headlines with your fabulous work during the pandemic.”

Caroline Jane: “My highlights have been a three times World Record and four times British record in para-indoor rowing. And then smashing them all and setting the bar even higher.”

Linda Buck: “My highlight was getting a new grandson.”

Alison Robinson: “Cannon Hall Farm and the official supporters group have both been fantastic in 2020.”

Emily Green: My highlights of 2020 were passing my driving test, getting my first car and being able to see my family for Christmas.”