VOLUNTEERS at a Cortonwood community group delivered food hampers to families and those who are isolated throughout the village.

The Cortonwood Comeback Community Centre, established in 1986 on Chapel Avenue, filled the hampers with essentials and treats for over the Christmas break.

On Wednesday, December 23, the volunteers spent the entire day delivering the hampers after generous donations from members of the community.

Denise Lelliott, who volunteers at the centre, said: “We were busy preparing our Christmas food hampers since dawn but they looked fabulous.

“I think we’ve given away around 180 selection boxes to folk which is brilliant to hear.

“It’s been a logistical nightmare with some of us working 14 hour days to get this done but it’s worth it.

“A huge thank you to everyone who has supported and donated - this couldn’t have happened without you.

“Especially to the Dil Brothers, Brampton Parish Council and Cortonwood Residential Estate for the kind cash donations that have contributed to our Winter Wonderland event and foodbank.

“This couldn’t have been possible without every volunteer who has given up their time this year, ensuring that our most vulnerable continue to be supported.”