PUPILS at an Athersley primary school are attempting to run more than 800 miles this week to raise money and awareness for Barnsley Animal Rescue.

Students at Laithes Primary, on Laithes Lane, decided to take the challenge after a year five class, Grey Owls, took part in a social action project run by Reds in the Community (RITC).

Gareth Cooke, 26, of RITC, said: “I’ve been working with pupils and as part of that the kids have to run a social action project which is completely led by them.

“They decided to try and raise money for Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity because they knew that they weren’t able to open their shops.

“They’re doing a lot less PE than they usually would so they asked if we could try and raise some money by doing the run which is where the idea came from.”

This week pupils from all year groups decided to get together in a bid to run 810 miles – the distance from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

“The kids have been doing a daily mile because that’s something that they used to do before Covid,” he added.

“They’re wanting to run the distance as a school before Friday and I think that they’ll succeed but it just depends on the weather.”