FIRE teams have urged business owners to remain safe this Christmas and have released advice to help make sure their Christmas decorations don't cause any accidental fires.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue want to ensure that Barnsley businesses adhere to fire safety regulations throughout the festive period which can help keep business owners and visitors safe.

They have advised businesses to set up the Christmas tree, decorations or lights away from a fire exit or means of escape, and to avoid obstructing fire exits, fire fighting equipment or break glass call points with decorations.

Decorations made out of paper, cardboard, and cotton wool should not be used because the materials are extremely flammable. Also real Christmas trees should be watered every day because dried-out trees are highly flammable.

All Christmas decorations should be non-flammable or flame retardant and should not be placed where they could potentially set alight.

Also firefighters have warned businesses from overloading electrical circuits to help avoid electrical fires.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said: “We know this is a very difficult time for everyone, including businesses, but it is vital that your business, and the people working for you, remain safe from fire.

“With the Christmas period upon us we’ve put together some fire safety advice to help keep your business and those within the premises safe.

“If you’re considering the introduction of any Christmas decorations into your premises over the festive period you should consider the following advice and also review your fire safety risk assessment before decorating.”