A VETS has released handy tips to help Barnsley families keep their pets happy this Christmas.

Nutravet urges pet owners to keep lights tucked away and to consider non-toxic or unbreakable decorations to avoid your pet being hurt if broken.

They also aim to remind owners that chocolate can be toxic for dogs and to place any chocolate Christmas decorations out of reach.

Owners should avoid giving their pet a turkey Christmas dinner as they are often high in fat which can irritate their stomachs. Turkey bones can also cause your pet to choke.

Although it may look festive, mistletoe and poinsettia are poisonous to both cats and dogs and owners are urged to also keep these plants out of reach or limit the use within the house.

Korina Stephens, a vet from nutravet said: “We know how much pets mean to their owners, especially following a very stressful year for many people. Dogs, cats and even smaller pets like rabbits are considered part of the family.

“However, the festive season can present many challenges and hazards for pets.

“Decorations, rich food and fireworks can all have a negative impact on our four-legged friends, so we want to make sure everyone is aware of such hazards. Although it’s a time for joy and fun, it’s important to remember the safety of our pets so we can all enjoy the festive season together.

"If you are worried about your pet over the festive period, be sure to speak to your vet, who will be best placed to offer advice.

"Preparing in advance can help to reduce stress for many pet owners and pets alike.”