A PRIMARY school which has been putting the happiness and wellbeing of its pupils first throughout the pandemic has been nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award.

Wilthorpe Primary School, based on Greenfoot Lane, has had parents inundating them with their support for teachers who ‘put the wellbeing of children over the work’.

Dean Tombling, who is into his fourth year as the headteacher of the school, said: “I couldn’t have done this without our wonderful teachers they’ve been amazing through this whole period.

“All the parents seem really happy about the communication we’ve been giving them.

“Throughout lockdown we were speaking to them once or twice a day and we’ve spoken to them every week since the holidays, even if there’s not much of an update to give them.

“I’ve been speaking to the parents as a dad, as well as a teacher, so I’ve been able to address any worries that they may have because I’m in the same boat myself.”

The school did send work to children when they were studying from home, though there was no pressure to complete it as Dean believes the wellbeing of children needs to come first.

“We did provide work for the school children through lockdown but there was absolutely no pressure for them to perform,” he added.

“We’ve been putting a scheme of work into the children’s health and wellbeing but I can only do this because of the support from the teachers.

“We’re bringing in a bit of normality each week hot food has come back and we’re doing other things too.

“A positive mindset is key in times like these so we’re trying to get that through to the children too.”

Upon hearing of the school’s nomination in the School of the Year category, Dean said: “I’m really pleased that the parents have acknowledged the work that the teachers have put in.”