RESIDENTS from Cundy Cross who came to the rescue of a trapped horse that had been entangled to a metal fence, are keen to find the owners.

Earlier today, December 3, resident Kathryn Simpson, 32, posted an appeal on Facebook to ask for help to release a horse that had become stuck on the paddock fence on Rotherham Road since at least 8am this morning.

To her surprise, her fellow neighbours rallied around and helped release the troubled horse with use of wire clippers.

Now that the horse has been freed, the residents hope to find the owner to tell them what has happened and their rescue efforts.

Kathryn told We Are Barnsley: “I was told that the poor horse had been trapped since the school-run at around 8am.

“By 11am, the trapped horse was still there so I knew I had to help out.

“It really was a team effort by the whole neighbourhood of Cundy Cross who came together to free the horse.

“We contacted RSPCA but was told it could take some time for them to get there and help.

“I’m very muddy but I’m also relieved that the horse is now free and still in his paddock.

“We’re wanting to contact the owners to let them know what’s happened and why there’s a small hole in the paddock. Please do get in touch.”

If you know the owners of the horse, feel free to inbox the We Are Barnsley page to pass on contact details.