A TEMPORARY 30mph speed limit is in place at a road in Hoyland Common to help control traffic whilst work is carried out.

Drivers will have to stick to a temporary 30mph speed limit on Tankersley Road whilst roadworks take place in the adjacent fields.

PCSO Shaun McDermott, from the Barnsley South East, has warned drivers of ‘jumping’ the lights in the area and will be making regular patrols.

He said: “On this subject, it has also been brought to our attention that some motorists have been seen to ‘jump’ the lights that are currently situated there.

“No-one should need me to tell them what this could result in, with heavy vehicles crossing the road throughout each day - but suffice to say, please do not be tempted to do this.

“No journey is worth receiving a broadside from an earth-mover.

“I will be carrying out proactive patrols in the area in the coming weeks.”