A PARISH councillor has spoken out after an off-road biker destroyed a patch of greenery while riding his bike.

Little Houghton parish councillor, Kevin Osborne called the act 'disgusting' after an unknown biker was filmed riding his dirt bike over the grass near the Snape Hill Convenience Store, Darfield.

“Whoever it was has left the place in a right state,” said Kevin. “They clearly have no respect for the area to do that in the middle of the day.

“Since Darfield is quite rural, we do have a problem with off-road bikers in the village and I think residents are fed up with it.

“These bikes are a nuisance and have left part of our village looking muddy and messy. It's mid-November, we won't be able to re-plant the grass until spring, so we are left with an unsightly patch until then.”

Kevin also wants to urge the public to come forward with any information they may have about the incident.

“Someone must know who this person is,” he added. “If you do please contact Crimestoppers and help us put an end to off-road bikers in the village.”

To contact Crimestoppers, phone 0800 555 111.