A 39-year-old man who spat at police officers has been arrested for breaching a town centre ban.

The man was banned from the town centre for three years following a criminal behaviour order.

During the arrest on Wednesday morning (November 11), he spat at one of the officers and then proceeded to spit in the police van.

This put the vehicle out of action whilst it underwent a deep clean.

A spokesperson for the team said: “The police constable that was spat at, along with one of his colleagues, worked a 14 hour shift to progress enquiries and seek advice for charge from the Crown Prosecution Service.

“The male was charged with four offences and is remanded to appear before the magistrates.

“Thankfully, the police constable spat at is feeling well at this time.

“You have four police constables on the Town Centre Neighbourhood Team, and this is the third occasion since the start of Covid-19 that the constables have been spat at.”