AHEAD of Bonfire Night tonight (November 5), police across the borough have asked residents to be vigilant as ‘inconsiderate and dangerous’ behaviour is expected to spike.

This comes after 280 calls reporting incidents involving fireworks being thrown at people and police officers were recorded last week in South Yorkshire alone.

The town’s officers have reiterated an increase in reports of antisocial behaviour around Bonfire Night and that the demand on police services will increase during the evening.

Sarah Poolman, dark nights silver commander chief superintendent, said: “Recent events involving attacks on officers and animals that we have seen over the Halloween weekend have been on some occasions unlawful and have caused distress to law-abiding members of the public.

“We know the majority of people in our communities are respectful and supportive of our work, but a small minority ruin it for others.

“Our officers, and staff in our control room are already working hard to deal with an increase in demand.

“Officers from neighbourhood teams and from across the force have been out patrolling in order to keep our communities safe and to face abuse or the threat of injury when they are trying to help is not acceptable.

“Most reports we have seen coming into our control room are those involving youths.

“Last weekend, youths threw lit fireworks into a police car while our officers were in it. Thankfully the officers managed to get out of the vehicle unharmed but this could have been a lot worse.

“Damage was caused to the car, which had to be taken off the road while being repaired.

“Parents are responsible for their children and I continue to urge you to speak to them about the dangers of fireworks and the results of their actions, gaining a criminal record at a young age can have serious implications for their future.

“Remember we are all in this together, we want everyone to have an enjoyable evening and to be safe. We have more information available on our website.”