A VOLUNTEERING duo who have helped distribute £70,000 worth of donations to staff and patients at Barnsley Hospital during the pandemic have been nominated for Proud of Barnsley award.

Allie Hunton, 57, and David Armitage, 62, volunteered almost every day at Barnsley Hospital to support NHS staff and patients during the coronavirus lockdown.

The pair, who met through volunteering, helped distribute gifts from the hospital’s Amazon wish-list that people kindly donated.

During the pandemic, Allie and David delivered 3,800 sets of scrubs, 4,000 hand creams, 2,400 lounge wear sets, 17,300 drinks and snacks, 700 lip balms and 69 tablets.

David, from Penistone, said: “I met Allie whilst working on the meet-and-greet on the outpatient ward for the hospital pre-Covid.

“As expected, the pandemic decimated the volunteer workforce as many were in the vulnerable category due to their age.

“This left mostly myself and Allie left to volunteer during the lockdown which made us bond.

“We’ve been called a blockbusting team because we work together so well. To our surprise our parents knew each other and attended the same school so we had things in common.

“It made volunteering even more enjoyable thanks to her company.”

Allie, who lives in the town centre, believes it’s Barnsley’s generosity that made the deliveries possible.

“The hospital set up a wish-list of vital items needed by the staff. The amount we had to deliver was incredible.

“People were really generous and it was our pleasure to help distribute these donations across the wards.

“You have to do what you can to help those in need.”

The pair have been nominated for Charity Fundraising Team at this year’s Proud of Barnsley awards.

“It’s completely unexpected to be nominated,” David added.

“I hope this will be an appreciation for the entire team at the hospital who have really gone above and beyond.

“We’re proud to be nominated. It will hopefully show how important it is to support those on the frontline.”