COMMUNITY groups in Wombwell combined forces to support families during the half-term break.

Earlier today (October 29), Age UK Barnsley teamed up with volunteers from Friends of Wombwell Park, the Tidy Team and the Wombwell area council to dish out activity packs at the local park.

Tracy Hughes, social inclusion at Age UK Barnsley, said the day was a big success in supporting residents looking for things to do.

She told We Are Barnsley: “During the half-term, it’s incredibly important to come together and keep people active and informed.

“Today, we’ve set up a tent to quickly show people how to make an ant farm which was a lot of fun.

“Everything was socially distanced and we had a maximum number of visitors at one time.

“Throughout the day, we helped support more than 50 people across Wombwell and Birdwell so hopefully being able to give out these activity packs will make a positive change over the half-term.

“Thank you to everyone who came out.”