HALLOWEEN may just be around the corner, but that hasn't stopped one couple from Kendray from decking the halls ready for Christmas.

Jacob Neilson, and his partner Lee Thomas, are big fans of the festive period.

So much so that they decorated their home on Larch Place for the big day before Halloween or bonfire night have even come around.

“Usually we start decorating in September but we are a little late this year,” said Jacob, 43. “We just like being able to cheer people up, especially this year.

“With how this year has gone we thought that people needed a bit of extra cheering up so we will milk Christmas for all it's worth.”

The couple have set up lights and projectors on the outside of their home as well as putting different coloured candy cane decorations on their lawn.

“Normally we do decorate the inside but I don't think we will do as much this year because we won't be able to have as many visitors.

“I think our neighbours think we are crackers but we don't care, Christmas is about feeling joy and the sooner we can celebrate that the better.”