AS COLD and flu season draws ever closer, Barnsley Hospital has released a handy guide to help you tell the difference between a common cold, and coronavirus.

Because the symptoms of cold, flu and coronavirus are quite similar, it can be hard to judge which one you have.

While cold and flu can be treated with over-the-counter remedies, coronavirus can have more serious and long-lasting effects.

The hospital wants the public to be able to recognise the symptoms of each illness to help minimise the spread of the virus.

Below is a table which outlines the difference of symptoms:





FEVER No Sometimes Yes - 37.8C or above
COUGH Sometimes Yes Yes - new and continuous
LOSS OF TASTE AND SMELL Yes No Yes - this will be a sudden change
HEADACHES No Yes Sometimes
RUNNY/STUFFY NOSE Yes Sometimes Rare


Common No No


No Sometimes Sometimes


No Sometimes for children Sometimes for children

A spokesperson for Barnsley Hospital said: “Flu usually comes on suddenly, it feels worse than a heavy cold.

“Colds tend to develop more gradually and are less severe, although they do still make you feel unwell.

A coronavirus cough means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or three or more coughing fits or ‘episodes’ in 24 hours.

If you usually have a cough because of a long-standing medical condition like COPD, it may be worse than usual.

“You should get tested for coronavirus if you develop a new, continuous cough.”