TWO Barnsley lads who pulled the strings to create a two-volume CD with more than 30 local bands have been nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award.

Sam Horton, 23, of Hoyland Common, and Tom Seal, also 23, of Staincross, managed to get 34 bands to raise funds for the Old Schoolhouse music venue after it was closed due to coronavirus restrictions

Bands such as Hands off Gretel and The Barsteward Sons of Val Doonican sang on the CD, which is called Art Tneet and was released on September 25.

Sam said: “Our main objective was to raise as much money as we possibly could and to hopefully grab the attention of someone who can see how important it is to us, and reopen the venue.

“There’s different genres for everyone, from heavy metal and indie to country and solo songs – it’s a group of artists that want to celebrate a venue that has helped us.”

The pair have raised a total of £450 for the venue after selling a total of 60 CDs, 30 of each edition, and it is still on sale in the town centre – all profits go to the venue.

“At the minute we’ve got about 20 CDs left and have raised £450 – we’ve had a really good reception,” he added.

“People from Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham have all bought the CD and that was quite surprising but it’s what it’s all about.

“We’re hoping to eventually hold a gig, whether that be a DIY set-up outside of the Old Schoolhouse, or in an actual music venue – we want to raise as much money and support as we can.

“It’s great to see the bands getting involved – it shows how important the venue is to so many people.”

Upon hearing of their nomination in the Fundraising Group category, Sam said: “It’s fantastic – I’m really chuffed.

“Hopefully we can raise some awareness and someone can help save the venue.”