A FRUIT and vegetable supplier wants to 'pay it forward' by providing healthy food for those who need it.

Nino Morris, owns and runs Morris' Fruit and Veg in Mapplewell.

Throughout the pandemic he has helped families to eat healthier by providing fruit and vegetable boxes with help from the Stairfoot Ward Alliance.

Now, Nino wants to help families who may struggle to eat throughout the school holidays by providing free boxes full of healthy foods.

“I wanted to help my community and I had customers asking if they could help pay for a veg box for someone else,” said Nino. “So I give customers the option of paying for another box which will go to a family in need.

“I think it's really important to eat healthily, especially in winter and if I can help families to get something towards a full meal then I am happy to help.

“It's really nice seeing the community pull together and help people when they need it the most. I've been there and asking for help is very hard but I want people to know there is no shame in asking for help.

“It's not just families who can benefit from this – anyone who has hit on hard times is eligible. The pandemic has affected us all in different ways and if we can help then we will.”

So far Nino has distributed more than 20 pre-paid boxes to those who need it.

To apply for a box, visit 'Fruit n Veg Delivery Barnsley' on Facebook.