COUNCIL bosses have described the growing number of coronavirus cases as 'worrying' after a sharp rise in reported cases.

Recent data shows that the daily rate of new infections in Barnsley is 262.9 per 100,000 people.

Director of public health for Barnsley, Julia Burrows has urged the public to follow guidelines to help prevent the virus from spreading.

She said: “As many of us feared since we started seeing the numbers increase again, they are translating to a rise in hospital admissions, including to Intensive Care, causing significant pressure in our hospital.

“Tragically, since the beginning of October, there has been a rise in the number of Barnsley people dying as a result of the virus.

“I understand how hard it is to follow the continued restrictions and the further rules and regulations that came in this week, especially the impact they have on seeing our extended families and friends.

“But if we don’t quickly reduce the amount of social mixing between people in Barnsley it will lead to our health services being overwhelmed and will result in more deaths.

“These guidelines aren't only in place to keep you safe but also to protect your parents, grandparents, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, and front-line workers.

“I urge you to follow them.”