A YOUNGSTER from Royston has been praised after delivering care packages to residents at a local care home during the height of the coronavirus lockdown.

Jess Nolan, of Kent Close in Royston, was inspired to help out at Oakwood Grange Care Home whilst in lockdown.

The eight-year-old had heard that her local care home was forced to self-isolate to prevent the spread of the virus amongst its residents.

Jess decided she wanted to write the home letters and quizzes to keep spirits high whilst she wasn’t at school.

Donna, Jess’ mum, has said that Jess struck up some unlikely friendships with the residents.

She said: “Jess has been visiting the home for the past five months delivering parcels with letters, quizzes and dream catchers inside.

“She’s been waving from the window at staff and residents when she’s dropping them off to keep a safe distance away.

“She would go and deliver these almost every day during the holidays, but now she’s returned to school she’s had to cut down.

“I think she’s formed quite the bond with the residents and pleaded with me to continue to help them.

“I compromised and let her visit twice a week so she has time to do her school work.”

Donna hopes that Jess can properly visit the residents once social distancing restrictions are lifted and it’s safe to visit.

“I’m incredibly proud of her. Jess loves making people happy and I’m sure she’ll continue to visit her friends at Oakwood Grange.

“Hopefully when restrictions are lifted further, she can visit them properly.”