A COLLEGE student has taken the next step in turning her passion for nail art into a business venture following support provided by iTrust - a joint venture between the college, Barnsley Chronicle and The Business Village.
Ella White was inspired to start her own business, aptly named ‘Nails by Ella’, after deciding she wanted people to recognise her own work.
The student who studied level two nail services, said: ”I have always enjoyed doing practical assessments and working on new clients because it’s a challenge and you have to be prepared for anything.
“Everyone is different and they have different nails so it really broadens my skills.
“At first I was a little scared about pursuing my career goals and I didn’t know how to start a business but, because of the Enterprise team, I now know exactly what I have to do and I’m so much more confident.
“They have helped me so much, with little things like creating a name and a Facebook business account to accessing in-depth information on how to get insurance.”
Ella received a £70 grant from iTrust and has access to a further £180 throughout the academic year as she begins study of level two beauty therapy.
Jess Widdowson, enterprise team leader, added: “It’s always a lovely feeling being able to support our students to open their business and for Ella, it was good for her to know that we provide support up until three years after completing her course here at college.
“Ella is so driven and passionate about what she does and demonstrates this through the amount of additional courses she has taken to increase her skill set.
”I am really looking forward to working with Ella and watching her business grow and develop.”