Residents are urged take precautions against flooding as a large storm is forecast to hit the UK this week.

Storm Francis is set to batter the UK with high winds and rain.

A yellow weather warning is in place across the country as 70mph gusts of winds are expected in England and Wales.

To help prevent damage to homes and businesses, Barnsley Council has urged residents to keep up-to-date with local flood warnings and MET Office reports after flash floods hit the borough in November.

Residents in areas along the River Dearne, such as Darton, had to quickly secure their homes and businesses after the River Dearne burst its banks.

The deluge left many residents battling rising floodwaters in their homes, and caused the council to urgently review their flood policy when some homes became seriously flooded.

Chair of the Low Valley Flood Group, Sue Bradshaw said that residents need to be prepared for flooding.

“I would say that if you're in an area prone to flooding you have to be prepared at all times,” she said.

“We have been campaigning for people to get better access to flood defences because it can completely destroy homes when it does happen.

“It does feel like we are walking on eggshells because you never know when a storm is going to hit, but hopefully we can take precautions to protect our homes.”

Following the news of the storm, a Barnsley Council spokesperson said: “The Met Office has issued weather warnings for wind and rain today(August 25) and tomorrow.

“There may be surface water on the roads in places.

“Please drive carefully and be safe if you're out and about.”

For more information about flood prevention, click here.