COLLEGE students from across the borough will receive their BTEC grades by the end of the week, after a delay caused by the government U-turn.

The grades were due to be released alongside A Level results two weeks ago, but the results were delayed in response to the government U-turn which saw courses graded on predicted grades, rather than as an average of results from previous years.

This left students from Barnsley College and Penistone Grammar School without their BTEC results.

“BTEC wanted to make sure their results were correct and held them back,” said Toni Rhodes, vice principal of quality and access to learning at Barnsley College.

“We have been supporting our students with their university applications and most universities have been very understanding with the process.”

The government announced that students can receive their BTEC results today (August 25) with the aim that all BTEC students will have their results by the end of the week.