A YOUNGSTER from Grimethorpe has been praised after helping to deliver a pensioner’s shopping who was struggling to get home.

Rubie Connelly, 11, from Grimethorpe, was commended after helping an elderly neighbour who was struggling with her shopping on her way home.

Emma, Rubie’s mum, has said it shows that not all children are ‘up to no good’.

She told We Are Barnsley: “Rubie went to go out and play in a park on our estate with her friends.

“On her way home she saw an elderly woman who was walking with a stick and struggling with her shopping.

“She had dropped a loaf of bread and looked a little wobbly.

“Rubie went up to the woman and helped her pick up the food and walk her back home.

“She gave me a call to tell me what she was up to and to say she’d be home later than usual.

“I’m incredibly proud of her and it goes to show how kind and considerate some kids can be these days.”