CARE homes across the borough have began welcoming visitors to see their loved ones from a social distance following four months of lockdown.

Care homes across Barnsley including Highstone Mews and Ward Green Lodge in Worsbrough, have been finding novel ways to reunite loved ones with residents.

Ward Green, on High Ridge, has been inviting the loved ones of its residents to speak to them through a glass wall with the help of Alexa, the wireless computer device.

Whereas staff at Highstone Mews, on Highstone Road, have been hosting garden visits in pre-booked slots.

Michael Dudley-Smith, the head of operations at Highstone Mews, said: “We gave out letters to relatives, provided visit instructions, completed risk assessments, ensured PPE was used properly and that visits were supervised in our garden area.

“The 15 minute time slots are prearranged and tracking and tracing details are taken for protection of us all.

“Our residents and the families absolutely loved it, the hard preparation work was definitely worth it just to see their face, I am not one to cry but I was actually moved to tears.

“We have provided feedback forms, all praised the staff for their professional, friendly and confident approach to the socially distant garden visits.”

Tanya Oldham, one of the home’s Covid protection champions, said: “It has been so hard lately due to Covid-19, and keeping people as happy as possible without seeing their loved ones has been so difficult.

“It has been so special.”