WENTWORTH Woodhouse is the latest inspiration for a well-known South Yorkshire artist in a bid to raise funds.

Joe Scarborough, 82, has stamped his unique style on his new oil painting of the stately home to help its fundraising.

Joe, who was a miner for six years before becoming an artist, said: “I knew it as the ‘big house’ and admired it on my way to the pit bath house.

“I never thought I’d ever step inside it, let alone be asked to paint it.”

Joe’s painting will be available to buy for fans and proceeds will go to the Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust to renovate the house and grounds.

“I was honoured to be asked by Dame Julie Kenny and having seen it all those years ago, was struck by how circuitous life can be,” Joe added.

“Julie invited me to the house and I was overwhelmed by its beauty and flooded with ideas.

“I wanted the painting to span several decades and show the life and times that have gone on there.

“I hope fans of the house don’t mind, but I rearranged things a bit – I moved the great chandelier into the Marble Saloon, where a wonderful ball is happening, and took down a wall of the house down to reveal the action inside.”

Dame Julie Kelly, who commissioned Joe’s piece for the trust, added: “It’s a wonderful artwork in Joe’s inimitable style.

“He was enthralled with the house and so much of its history is featured. It really tells the story.

“One of our volunteers suggested the idea at a fundraising meeting. I thought it would be lovely to have a new painting of the place and a great way to raise money. “Lockdown has badly affected our income and this is a new way for people who love the house to support us.”