FARMERS are being stuck – often for hours – due to reckless parking in Thurlstone.

Thoughtless drivers are being blamed for creating a nightmare in the village near Penistone.

And a recent flare-up of problems has sparked fresh calls for the area to have its own traffic warden to control the situation.

At Monday’s meeting of Penistone Town Council, Coun David Wood said farmers in particular are having trouble manoeuvring large and heavy vehicles around in Thurlstone due to people parking near a main junction.

“It is a huge problem for residents too,” said Coun Wood. “Sometimes people just cannot move. They are blocked in completely. One farmer got stuck and asked for police help at 9.30am.

“By 3pm no-one had arrived to move the vehicles so she was stuck for all that time.”

Ward councillor Hannah Kitching said: “It is always a nightmare. The village was not designed for cars and it has got worse with people being at home more during lockdown.

“Also, more people working from home adds to it and aggravates the parking issue.”

Coun Kitching said she will remind residents to park responsibly. “The council has no powers in this. It is a police matter,” she said. “But I will continue to appeal to people to be considerate and we will keep an eye on this.”

Coun Wood added: “It wants nipping in the bud now before more new houses are built in Thurlstone to make matters worse.”

Coun Carol Bradbury said: “I suggested some time ago that Penistone needs its own traffic warden. It would be self-financing. I am sure people would be glad to report any problem areas and the fines would cover our costs. We should seriously think about this.”