A CARE home in Darfield has thanked Barnsley College students for donating high-raised gardening beds for residents in wheelchairs.

Staff at Thornhill House, on Church Street, have been overwhelmed in donations following a public appeal for gardening equipment during the lockdown.

Barnsley College has since donated high-raised beds to the home in a bid to make gardening accessible for residents in wheelchairs.

Christian Whiteley-Mason, the manager at the home, said: “We would like to thank the community andour residents’ families for their support in transforming the garden.

“We’ve had 96 gnomes donated and two water features and now the garden looks amazing.

“The residents have plans about what they want to do to finish it by making it more colourful and eye-catching.

“We want to also thank Barnsley College for the beds for residents. They’ve also donated a wonderful windmill - the residents are blown away.”