A LOCAL cat rescue has thanked an anonymous good Samaritan who left their spare change on the top of a parcel for the charity.

Samantha Archibald, who owns Noah’s Ark Pet Rescue on Brierley Road, Shafton, was left speechless after returning from the vets to find a package outside her home with £5 left on the top of it.

The donation, she believes, was left by a generous delivery driver who read the delivery note on the package that encouraged people to donate.

She told We Are Barnsley: “I couldn’t believe it, I was in tears when I found it.

“Someone had kindly sent us a parcel full of kitten foods, and on the parcel she attached a message that encouraged people to donate to us.

“To my surprise, when I returned home someone had left £5 on the top of it. I assume it was the delivery driver who kindly gave to us.

“We can’t thank whoever it was enough for their their generosity. I would love to thank them personally if I knew who it was.

“I can’t thank the people of Barnsley enough for their support during this tough time.”