A COMMUNITY group that began on Facebook has reached their target of £2,000 following months of fundraising for medical centres in Wombwell.

Wombwell Wise has over 9,000 active members, all wanting to find out what is going on in their area – but Steve and Barbara Whittingham, the admins of the group, started a fundraising campaign to help the two medical centres in their village, George Street and Chapelfield.

Steve, 58, of Summer Lane in Wombwell, is also a nurse for NHS 111 and a member of the Wombwell Ward Alliance, so decided that it would be a good idea to help the two local medical centres, as it is closer to home than Barnsley Hospital.

He said: “We have raised a total of £2,066 so both centres will receive over £1,000 each.

“We are really proud of the way people have come together to help our local NHS.

“The appeal is set to close this weekend and the money will be distributed early next week.”

Originally, the group were to hold a charity night in a bid to raise money for the two medical centres, but due to the lockdown restrictions that were put in place, this didn’t go ahead.

Steve’s wife, 53-year-old Barbara, said at the start of lockdown that their aim is to bring the community together in one place, helping each other through this difficult time.

She said: “We would like to thank every member who has donated so far on our fundraising and the support and effort they bring to make the group what it is today.”