RESIDENTS in Staincross have raised their concerns about the increasing amount of vandalism and fly-tipping at a local park following an ease on lockdown restrictions.

On Sunday, members of the Facebook group Staincross Alliance posted their worries regarding the litter left at the Staincross Park on Wakefield Road.

Resident Steph Millington, 47, is concerned that the waste will continue to pile up at the park – despite social distancing measures.

“On Sunday, I went for my daily walk around Staincross and was taken aback with the amount of litter and vandalism in the area,” Steph said.

“Near the River Dearne off Dearne Hall Road, I saw socks and disposable gloves left on the ground – it’s as though people are taking all of their belongings and leaving them behind.

“Personally don’t want to travel for exercise so I’m a frequent walker around the area, and it’s so disheartening to see a small minority of people ruin our beautiful community.”

Steph believes that residents should be responsible for their own waste, to cause less strain on volunteers and the council during the lockdown.

“I think since the lockdown has been eased there have been more incidents of fly-tipping and waste as people think it’s acceptable to go out, break social distancing rules and leave their waste behind.

“I know we’ve got bins that have remained relatively empty, but the council may not be able to cope with everybody’s rubbish at the moment.

“If people have been breaking the restrictions and leaving this amount of waste behind, what is it going to be like when six people are able to meet and socialise?

“There’s been some fantastic volunteers in our community who have gone out to litter-pick and try their best to fix some of the vandalism – but they shouldn’t have to.

“Staincross is a wonderful place, with kind and thoughtful residents, but unfortunately the small minority ruin this for the rest of us.”

Coun Chris Lamb, cabinet spokesperson for environment and transport, added: “Unfortunately we have seen a gradual increase in vandalism and littering across the borough since March.

“Sadly, a small minority of people think that this kind of behaviour is acceptable. Acts of vandalism and littering spoil our parks, and adds unnecessary strain on the work of our parks team.

“If anyone knows any information about those responsible for causing this damage, please contact

“We’d like to thank everyone who has continued to respect our parks and green spaces during this time.”