A GRATEFUL woman crocheted more than 60 angels to show her appreciation to her sister-in-law for her hard work during the coronavirus outbreak.

Joy Rose, 64, of Shaw Lane, wanted to show her support and admiration for Alison Grant and her colleagues who work on ward 35 at Barnsley Hospital.

She decided to crochet more than 60 angels which will be delivered to each member of the staff on the ward as a celebration for their hard work during the outbreak.

“She came to me and said she wanted to do something nice for Alison,” said Joy’s brother and husband to Alison, Glyn Grant. “Alison works in surgical admissions and has been working long shifts – Joy wanted to help cheer her up.

“She is always keeping herself busy with crochet so she decided to make an angel for each member of staff who works on the ward.”

The project took Joy two weeks to finish and Glyn said she hopes to now make 100 angels to be distributed around the hospital.

“I’m really proud of her,” said Glyn, 67, of Dodworth Road. “When she had finished the project it brought tears to my eyes as I thought it was such a kind gesture. Alison was also very appreciative about the angels because it’s nice to get some recognition for the hard work you’ve been doing.”

The angels will be split between ward 35 and the intensive care unit.