A NEIGHBOURHOOD police team have released a statement urging the public to stay at home despite the warm weather forcast over the bank holiday weekend.

As temperatures are going to rise this weekend, the Barnsley West team have asked the public to maintain social distancing and to avoid taking unecessary trips.

A spokesperson for the Barnsley West Neighbourhood Police team, said: "We understand that the weather is due to be good for at least part of the weekend so we want to remind people that the Covid regulations remain in place and we all therefore need to stick to them.

"Whilst it it warmer it is tempting to get out and about more. We will have staff on duty for the whole weekend and it would be lovely to hear from them on Monday that we have not had full parks and open spaces or people going out to the shops in numbers.

"Please do not let your children go out playing in the street either, they need protecting too as do the people living in the vicinity who may be vulnerable or feel anxious through seeing such activity.

"Please remember to stay at home and save lives."