A CARER support service has come up with a novel way to protect carers during the current pandemic.

Barnsley Carers’ Service, based at Priory Campus, will issue a ‘carers’ card’ to unpaid workers who are nervous they may be stopped and questioned while carrying out their duties.

Tara Ramsden, service manager, said she has received many calls from carers who are nervous they may be pulled up for making multiple shopping trips each week, buying excess quantities of food staples, being out driving or on foot late at night.

The card looks like a traditional business card and will fit inside a purse or wallet, featuring the Barnsley Carers’ Service logo and contact details.

Tara said: “Carers are now coming under more stress than ever and our service is doing everything it can to support them, through one-to-one telephone support and virtual social and activity groups.

“Responding to the concerns carers have shared with us, the carers’ card is another way we have found to support people and to be able to take away at least one of their worries.

“Unpaid carers are invited to contact us to request a card, which will be sent out to them.”

Virtual coffee and chat and fitness sessions are already taking place each week to support carers who are at risk from social isolation, and ‘show off your pet’ and mindfulness sessions are planned over the coming weeks.

Unpaid carers can request a card or register for support by contacting Tara Ramsden on 01226 288 772 or through the Barnsley Carers’ Service Facebook page.