A CHILDREN’S activity charity has branched out to serve their community amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The Exodus Project, now based in South Hiendley, has been organising activity clubs in Barnsley for 20 years and helps underprivileged children by providing activities to keep them off the streets.

However, due to the virus, their work has been disrupted and co-founder Martin Sawdon made the decision to suspend all activities until the pandemic is over.

Now, the team have found a new way of helping their community, by teaming up with the council to deliver food packages to those who need it.

“We have three minibuses and we wanted a way to use them to be helpful since we can’t run our usual activities,” said Martin. “We have had to stop our weekend camps and after-school activities and were left wanting to help the community.

“We registered with the council’s food distribution team as well as continuing to provide food packages for our service users as we did before the virus.”

The Exodus team are now making multiple trips per week to deliver food around Barnsley to ensure that people aren’t going without and even delivered 53 bags of food around the town in one day.

“It’s getting harder for people and we want to make sure that everyone can eat well when they are stuck inside.

“Even though we can’t run our usual sessions we are still checking on our service users and making sure that they have everything they need. We want to keep helping our community and families that may be struggling.”