A GROUP of volunteers have launched a campaign to create vital scrubs for NHS staff and local carers.

For The Love of Scrubs has raised more than £300 for fabric to design medical scrubs for Barnsley Hospital staff.

Volunteers will be able to make the clothing from their homes free of charge, which will be then donated to key medical workers across the borough.

The group was started by Sarah White, 31, after she saw a national campaign on Facebook and decided to make it more local to support Barnsley workers.

Liz Dillingham, one of the group members, said: “All hospitals and carers are in need of scrubs and clothing so they don’t have to wear the same thing again – the more clothes they have, the better in terms of hygiene.

“We decided to start a Barnsley-specific Facebook page to help the immediate community and we’re trying to get the word out to all local sewers to get involved.

“We’ve got around 100 people on the Facebook page at the moment and we’ve already had an order of 20 lots of scrubs for the maternity unit at the hospital, which is absolutely fantastic.”

To donate or get involved, visit For The Love of Scrubs Facebook page.