RESIDENTS from a local care home enjoyed their first ever McDonald’s after the surplus food from closing takeaways was delivered to the home.

After staff at Eboracum House Residential Home struggled to get food for their 14 residents, they reached out to local takeaways when it was announced they would close on Monday.

The hope was that any surplus food could be donated to the home, but the staff have been ‘overwhelmed’ by the response they have received.

“When we heard the takeaways were closing we asked them to donate any surplus foods they may have because we have been really struggling to find what we need to feed our 14 residents,” said registered manager, Louise Nelson.

“We thought it would be a nice treat for our residents to have a takeaway as many haven’t had much or any fast food in their life.

“McDonald’s delivered 14 meals to the home which we were really overwhelmed by – many of our residents hadn’t ever had one before and it really helped to raise their spirits.”

One resident, 99-year-old Bert Vincent, enjoyed his McDonald’s and he chose a chicken burger and fries which Louise said he ‘enjoyed very much’.

“It’s nice to see that people are still willing to help in these times,” Louise added.