STAFF from a popular working men’s club have banded together to help their community during the coronavirus outbreak – despite the club being closed due to renovation works.

Staff from Oaks WMC, Doncaster Road, may be out of work due to renovations of the building but that didn’t stop them giving back to their local community this week.

They decided to put together care bags full of necessities which are to be distributed among the vulnerable and elderly within Ardsley, Stairfoot and the surrounding areas.

“We realised that some elderly members who come to the club can’t go to the shops to get what they needed so our bar staff came up with the idea of the care packages,” said club secretary Graham Tate.

The packages will feature a range of supplies from toilet roll, to tea and coffee, and porridge and biscuits.

“It’s basically anything they need to keep going. The people can take whatever they want from the packages – it’s completely up to them.

“I am so proud of the bar staff for thinking of this and for thinking of other people while they aren’t working themselves. It’s great that they are thinking of people worse off than themselves and putting in the effort to help them.”

The club is calling for donations and recommendations of people who could be in use of a care package. To contact them, visit the club's Facebook page.