A BARNSLEY woman has been fined for handing fly-tipped waste to an unlicensed carrier.

Leah Siddall, 20, of Jacques Place in Barnsley pleaded guilty to a duty of care offence.

Siddall was issued a fixed-penalty notice for giving her waste to an unlicensed carrier after rubbish was found fly-tipped on Stairfoot Way in June 2019.

This notice remained unpaid and she was arrested on a warrant, spending a night in a cell.

Siddall was ordered to pay £147 for clean-up costs and £100 for costs to the council at Barnsley Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Coun Jenny Platts, cabinet spokesperson, said: “We’re committed to tackling fly-tipping and take environmental offences very seriously. Thanks to work from our enforcement team we’re cracking down on those who dump waste in

our borough, and those who are irresponsible with their rubbish.

“Paying for someone to take your waste when they’re unauthorised to do so is a criminal offence. Though this resident may not have fly-tipped the waste herself, handing over waste to an unlicensed carrier often gives fly-tippers the opportunity to dump it.”