MUD is being deliberately thrown on the windows of businesses by youths, a meeting was told.

The Acorn Centre, in Grimethorpe, has been subject to antisocial behaviour since October, where youths have been seen jumping on roofs and throwing rubbish across the car park.

The issue seemed to have quietened down, however the members of the Cudworth PACT meeting were told that youths have now been pelting mud and when confronted, they allegedly threatened to attack vehicles.

One woman who works at The Acorn Centre, who did not wish to be named, said: “We now have security who work on site between 4pm and 7pm when the youths tend to enter and although we also close the gates, they still enter the centre through the side.

“Police have been called but when they arrive, the youths disperse. We’re now looking into changing the fencing to prevent them coming in or climbing over.”

The youths have also been seen tormenting staff and shoppers at Asda on nearby High Street, the meeting was told.

Sergeant Richard Wilson said that the antisocial behaviour will be a PACT priority and the situation will be monitored.