RESIDENTS have expressed their concerns over motorists speeding through an estate at a meeting.

The Royston Watch group held a meeting on Wednesday night and residents who live on the Pinfold estate, which consists of the roads East Pinfold, West Pinfold, Kirk Cross Crescent and Redwood Avenue said they have seen cars driving up to 50mph in the residential area, almost twice the 30mph speed limit.

Next month, Aldi is set to open on High Street and residents are concerned that the estate will be used as a shortcut for those travelling on Royston Lane into the village.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “I have witnessed a car speeding so fast the driver almost hit a parked car. The driver managed to regain control but if they were travelling any faster, it would have been a different story.

“If there was a pedestrian walking and cars are speeding through, they wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Residents also spoke about the volume of cars that are parked on the estate, and fear there will be an increase of traffic once Aldi opened, causing congestion in the estate.

Shelley Mattocks, who chaired the meeting, said that she would raise the issue of speeding at the Royston PACT meeting, which will take place on Tuesday at The Grove.